Welcome to the Forums!

Welcome to the NightDev Community Forums, the home for community support and discussion of NightDev products and services. Post here your questions, and also feel free to answer any questions others have asked.

Posting Guide:

  1. Use the search button, , located at the top of the page before posting. We get asked a lot of the same questions, so search first.
  2. When creating a topic, be specific. This means you need to include information like:
    • The name of the product/service you are having problems with
    • The specific issue you’re experiencing
    • Hardware/Software specifications (browser, operating system, program versions)
    • Log files, if available
    • Reproduction steps, if reporting a bug
  3. Use spell check and check your grammar. This is a forum, not a text messaging application.
  4. Do not post passwords or API keys on this forum! At no time should you ever give out your API keys or passwords.
    • OBS log files for CLR Browser can contain API keys
    • The hosted donation link contains your Streamtip API key

Following the above steps ensures you will get a proper response on this forum.