Nightbot is not entering into my stream

I don’t see Nightbot joining in Participants. Only myself and members show up. This was done for a test while I was setting up Nightbot.

Hey @tlogfos!

Please see the Nightbot Troubleshooting guide, give us more details if the issue persists.

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@Emily I have checked everything, including moderator addition, and they are there. I did a test stream recently, it occured again.

It’s great you checked everything, but you have to give us more details than that.

  • What platform are you streaming on?
  • What are you trying to do exactly? Expected behavior, actual results.
  • If it’s a default command, is it enabled?
  • If it’s a custom command, what is the code?
  • You are not telling me if Nightbot logs your chat or not, as specified in the guide I gave you.

Platform: YouTube
Expected behavior: Nightbot gets into my stream
Actual result: Does not come in (at least at 2 minutes in)
Nightbot did not log my chat.
EDIT: I did not call any commands, I just checked Participants.

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If Nightbot didn’t fill the logs (people need to send messages), that means you likely forgot to add it to your chat.
Is the button on the top right corner red and says “part channel,” or is it blue and says “join channel?”
It needs to be red in order for the bot to work in your chat.

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