How to recommend a user's channel

Hi! I have NO CLUE how to do commands. It’s hard for me to understand the instructions on nightbot.
I’d like to give a “!follow” command (ie: !follow @TheFunkHunters) so that I can give a message to my chat to link to someone’s channel and follow them. (Like a shoutout with a link to support friends on Twitch).

I tried using “!follow (userid)” because I thought that would be it, but it’s not. I really don’t know what I’m doing. Can someone help? Thank you!

Hey @jamlaw!

Please use the search bar before opening a new topic, and consider reading the documentation, it’s a good start to learn how to use Nightbot:

I still don’t get this? Can it be broken down simply and individually as an example? I’d like to edit my message, do I just copy paste this in chat?

Hey @pineappleexpr3so!

We can hardly break it down further… Yes, you just need to copy/paste the code in your chat, and press enter to add the command if you’re a mod+ and that !commands is enabled. You can change the text as you like, but use the documentation for the variables, they must remain inside double brackets.

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