Nigthbot not working in twitch chat

Someone knows why the nigthbot does not work in the twitch chat, I have been trying to add commands for a couple of days and it does not let me, in the same way I do not get the answers of the commands already put in the Nigthbot
If anyone knows I would appreciate it if you could tell me why.

Hi @balam_gc,
Please go through these troubleshooting steps as they fix most issues.
If this has not fixed your problem please explain in much more detail as seen in the posting guide here:

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If the troubleshooting steps do not help
I found nightbot didn’t respond to anything a couple of days ago, but I went into the twitch creator dashboard, changed the Automod Ruleset up one level, save it and then set it back to normal and saved it and wait 4-5 minutes.
For whatever reason Nightbot and twitch connectivity for normal commands just started working.
Not a guarantee but worth a try.

I’ve also had this same issue recently, I just made sure nightbot was unignored and having no response to any of my commands set up. If someone could reach out for assistance I’d appreciate it!

If you’re trying to add commands through the chat and Nightbot doesn’t answer, make sure !commands is enabled.

I can say that @manerd6979’s Nightbot responds.

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