The nightbot shout command is only working for some people and not others

my shoutout command does not shout out everyone that i try to. i have the cool down timer set for 5 seconds. any idea why this is happening.

Hey @ravegaming_ttv!

For us to be able to help you, you’ll need to give us the code you’re using for your shoutout command, we can’t help blindfolded.
And what do you mean by “it’s not working for some people,” does Nightbot answer (if so, how?) or ignore your command call?

!nso is the code is the code. it will answer for some but not for others. example !nso boostedbamaboiz will noy get a answer for the shout out.

If i type !nso B1anq then the bot will answer the shoutout. The other commands are working like my hype command !hype

Sorry @ravegaming_ttv but that is not what we are after.
You have only supplied us with the command name used to call in the command.

We also don’t know what “!hype” is because both !nso and !hype are custom to you and although we know the name of two of your commands this is not specific enough at all. ( see posting guide )

Have you gone through the Nightbot troubleshooting steps?

I would double check what user level the commands are set to. I set my !so command to mods so that viewers cant just shout themselves out whenever they want but its up to you.

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Here’s what we were after:

Please go check out ravegaFlame $(touser) ravegaFlame and show them some love ravegaLove at$(touser) they were last playing ravegaFlame $(twitch $(touser) "{{game}}") ravegaFlame. Drop them a follow to know when they go live. Follows are free and they will greatly appreciate your support. If you enjoy what they have going on then drop them a sub to show more support for them ravegaFlame ravegaHype ravegaLove ravegaHype ravegaLove ravegaHype ravegaLove ravegaHype ravegaLove ravegaFlame

I shouldn’t have to do all the work to fetch your code.

I can tell you what the issue is: your text is too long. Twitch has a limit of 500 characters, when you attempt to shoutout boostedbamaboiz you go over the limit, therefore the message isn’t sent.
Shorten the message and it should work consistently.

Also, you can have everything inside of the $(twitch) variable:

$(twitch $(touser) "Please go check out {{displayName}} and show them some love at {{url}} they were last playing {{game}}")

You should have gotten an error that you went above the character limit tho’, I’ll notify the dev of the issue.

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