Can’t see Nightbot in chat

Im not able to see any Nightbot responses in any chat I type in. Is there a setting that I may have clicked on or something I tripped accidentally causing this? I already tried /unblock night that isn’t working. Any tips?

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Hey @truckated!

Have you tried this: Nightbot Troubleshooting?

Yes. That has not worked.

Can you see anything in the logs?

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There’s nothing in my logs

I had a quick look at you twitch channel I’m fairly sure that nightbot is not set as a channel moderator as seen here:
Screenshot 2022-09-08 18.33.36

This is what it should show when you make nightbot a mod :
Screenshot 2022-09-08 18.35.03

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Yup, Nightbot answers in your chat, you just have to add the commands you want and make sure it’s a mod.

Consider giving Nightbot’s documentation as read as well.

Also, it’s funny how in the troubleshooting guide I linked it tells you:

  • Nightbot must be a moderator in your chat.

Yet it isn’t, that tells me you didn’t follow the guide properly.
You can add moderators by typing /mod <username> in your chat, Nightbot’s website even tells you this when you make the bot join your channel.

Right, not surprising.

How do you expect to get things working if you don’t follow our advice?
I strongly recommend you give a second close look at that guide.

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How would I do that? Also does it matter about having Nightbot as a mod when I’m asking as viewer and not a streamer? I’m having these problems in channels that I watch.

Also I’m very new to this and kinda learning as I go.

So I just did a kind of test in a stream night not is now visible for every thing but !gamble. But it might be a streamlabs problem I’m not sure. Thank you guys for your help. I think I’m just confused and unassistable.

Hi @truckated,

You can read about managing roles here: Customer Support
Scroll down to the “How to Manage Roles” section.

If you can’t see nightbot in other streamer’s chats it’s because they may not have nightbot or have set up nightbot incorrectly. To see what bots they use you can look at “users in chat”
( This article here explains how: Customer Support )

!gamble is not a nightbot feature so you will need to set it up through streamlabs.

That’s alright, If you don’t know just ask. Read through the sources @Emily and I have provided and you will learn :slight_smile: ( and remember if you ever have problems go through the troubleshooting steps first :wink: )
Good luck!

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What @notjoker28 said is correct, not all channels use Nightbot, but in case you think you don’t see it when you should, type /unignore Nightbot (not /unblock) in any chat, and that will stop hiding Nightbot’s messages if it was (also specified in the troubleshooting guide).

It wasn’t clear you were having issues as a viewer, this would have made my first response very different, that’s why we ask people to be specific. We assume that you’re having issues setting up Nightbot as a streamer, as it’s the most common occurrence when people say they “can’t see Nightbot in chat.” Therefore, a lot of our advice was out of topic for your issue because of this, way too advanced, you can disregard most of it. Describing your issue accurately saves time and prevents hassle.

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