Timers in nightbot

im having issues in nightbot with the timers section i have 16 times 4 of them are comments and 12 are members links

Myquestion is whats wrong with the 4 timers with comments not showing up but the 16 comment links are showing up is there a limit set to where there is only a certain amount of links allowed asking for some help here thanks

There isn’t a limit to the amount of timers you can have however nightbot does have a limit on the amount of messages it can send. However may I ask why you need so many timers/may I suggest you look into this custom timer that can incorporate as many as you want into one. Staggered timers - #2 by potatoeaterlove this should fix your problem of some not showing up.

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thank you for replying but that didnt answer my ? i didnt think 16 timers were a lot i talked to other people who have more and it works fine please answer my question as i did another live stream yesterday the timers with text only worked but after 30 min the bot stopped showing the chat with text only but still kept showing the texts with links to members sites im using this feature in stream yards im sending thru youtube not twich because im not a gamer thanks

how many messages can it send and can you give me a clear description thank you
also all the text chats in the timer section i individually deleted each text chat only re added again and 30 min later stopped so i gave up and ended the stream and 6 hrs later im doing a test run and those text messages only ARE showing up im going to keep testing to see how long it will work …stay tuned
1 hr into the test stream still working im not a gamer so the staggered timer doesnt work for me im using this in youtube i wouldnt know where to put the code in anyway so what are the best interval times to use for each timers with members links i believe they have to be at different times correct me if im wrong im new to this and headed to stream yards bc i thought it was their fault but they said since im using night bot to post the message i should contact night bot so thats what im doing. Im just collaborating with you to what i was told by the online chat at stream yards

Hey @gorgon666!

Can you please check your grammar? This is impossible to read you and to understand without going over a couple times, you’re not helping us helping you, use punctuation. Proper English is one of the rules of the forums.

Now, when it comes to Nightbot’s limits on number of messages, it will vary. On Twitch for example, at the time of writing this message, it’s 20 messages over 30 seconds if you’re a simple user, and 100 messages over 30 seconds if you’re a moderator or above. It is likely that Nightbot uses the lower limit as it still sends messages even if it’s not a moderator, so if too many requests come at the same time it’ll delay them.
If all your timers are supposed to be sent at once, Nightbot won’t send every messages as it’ll be too much for the platform’s API to handle, not only it would spam your chat, but the bot could end up being timed out of chat for 30 minutes on Twitch.
I couldn’t find YouTube’s numbers on that matter, but they are likely similar.

16 timers is a lot! Too many even. You likely don’t need that many, consider combining some together: regroup all the links together, if there are too many store them in a online paste and link to it instead, or use a landing page.

Sorry if we don’t answer all your questions, but you made your message impossible to read, I just glanced at it, decrypted a few questions out of it, and tried my best to answer what I understood from that big mess. If you want proper answers, start by writing properly.

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