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commant dosnt work for me $(twitch $(channel) “There are currently {{viewers}} viewers, {{followers}} followers, and {{subscriberCount}} subscribers”) what did i do wrong?

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Hey @zitorp!

The only thing I can think of is the use of the wrong quotation marks “” instead of ".

$(twitch $(channel) "There are currently {{viewers}} viewers, {{followers}} followers, and {{subscriberCount}} subscribers")

If not that, you need to give us the error, otherwise we can’t help.

Error: Unknown Error Occurred. If problem persists, please contact support.

Since I can’t reproduce the issue, it’s likely on your side, have you tried logging out and logging back in the dashboard?

Yes i have tried and i dont understand why it dosnt work

Have you used the command I wrote above?

I suggest trying to log out of the dashboard again (if you’re the channel owner, otherwise ask them to do so), wait a couple minutes and log back in, we noticed that in some cases it helped to wait longer, even though it doesn’t make sense on paper.
Also, if you’ve changed username recently, I suggest parting and joining the bot again as well.

As long as we can’t reproduce the issue, we can’t fix it and we assume it’s on your side.

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