On youtube bttv doesn't work anymore?

Hey @Kito!

Is it still not working properly?
If yes, can you describe what the issue is with words please? The screenshot alone doesn’t help.
You need to say what’s the expected behavior, and what you have instead.

I am having the same issue on youtube. If you look at the image they provided in the area where the streamers betterttv emotes would appear are blocked out by a giant emote, thus you cannot click on the emotes.The giant emote is always an emote from the streamers betterttv emote library. The thing is it only appears in the streamers betterttv emote section, the global emotes, youtube emotes, and all other sections in the menu are fine. It is the streamers betterttv emote section that is the only one blocked out. I have tried this with various channels and same issue. On twitch it works fine, well for me. I provided one from Ludwigs stream where his betterttv emote section is blocked by one of his emotes.

Hey @palmprimus!

Thank you very much for your explanation, I understand now!
I think it’s a CSS property that doesn’t work as expected, that happens for code in beta.

Unfortunately, there’s not much we can do on the forums, however, you can report the issue here, if you explain the same thing you did here, it’ll be specific enough. Don’t forget to specify that it’s happening on YouTube. Since it’s a bug that’s preventing the extension to work properly, it’ll likely be fixed quickly, if they can reproduce it that is. It may be worth it to share your browser and the list of extensions you have installed as well, as there may be a conflict.

Once you opened an issue on GitHub, please post the link here so if new people come around they don’t open another similar issue, we want to keep things together. They’ll be able to add comments to the issue if they feel the need.

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