How do i get information from a google doc after a specific response in chat?

hello I’m trying to improve an extension in my chat by providing more information from a google spreadsheet but i don’t know how to go about doing it ive never had to edit any chat bot or anything like that so unfortunatly i might need very specific instructions

Hey @blargasauruss!

I assume this topic is pretty much identical to this one, please don’t open more than one if the content are the same.

You’ll have to be more specific regarding what you’re trying to achieve, as it’s unclear. From what I understood, I think there’s an easier way to do things than what you’re trying to do currently, but to confirm that, you’ll have to give precise examples of what you’re attempting. For example give us what you expect the behavior/output of the bot to be.

Also, feel free to check out [CustomAPI] Pokémon command.

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