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[CustomAPI] Pokémon command


Credit for this being possible is due to @ehsankia and his Quote Api without it I would of had no way of making this command so thank him.
Also, credit to @thegreenofspades for the use of his Pokémon pastebin (Thank You).

What it Does

Keeps track of Pokémon you have caught Xp, Money, Pokéballs, and Level.

Getting tokens for commands

To get the tokens needed for this command please go here and find the 8 and 16 digit tokens.
They are after “token=” and before “&data” the 8 digit one is your PUBLIC_TOKEN and is free to share, your 16 digit one is you PRIVATE_TOKEN and should not be shared.

Adding the commands

  • First Command: This is the command users will be calling on so I suggest names such as “!p” or “p” but can be called what ever.
$(eval a="$(urlfetch json".split(",");PcatchSub1="$(urlfetch json".split(",");user="$(user)";One="$(1)";OneL=One.toLowerCase();Two="$(2)";Three="$(3)";Token="PRIVATE_TOKEN";$(urlfetch json

Put the alias of this command the same as the second command I suggest _p
Leave userlevel as everyone

  • Second Command: I suggest calling this command _p
$(eval a="$(urlfetch$(1)&data=,$(user)%20$(2)%20$(3)%20$(4)%20$(5)%20$(6))";user="$(user)";Query="$(query)".split(" ");Data="$(urlfetch json".split(",");$(urlfetch json

No alias needed for this command
Leave userlevel as everyone

Optional Commands
  • Third Command: Call this one !pdelete

No alias needed for this one.
Set userlevel to moderator.

  • Fourth Command: Optional this will just let you look at the data can be called whatever.
Check here for the Pokémon data:

No alias necessary
Just leave userlevel set to everyone

Possible Arguments

  • Buy {Amount}
  • Catch
  • Stats
  • Inventory
  • Inven
  • Help
  • Pokemon {Amount}
  • Pokémon {Amount}

Testing command

If you are looking for a place to test out the command I have it set up on a discord server Here


There are currently only two generations added as of currently more will come in the future.


@potatoeaterlove I love this command want to add it on twitch but am a bit confusas to which command is the actual alias ?

The second command is the command the first one is aliased to.

Is there a way to add a X/250 counter to the response where X is the total number of different pokemon you currently have, as a way to try to actually catch them all?

That’s a good idea I’ll look into it
Btw Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays

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Thx @potatoeaterlove. If you are going to continue whit this command please let mi know. I do streams to conect with mi son that live in a diferent state, and we love pkm. With this command wi have a blast on stream. Thx a lot. It will be nice to add a battle system between people on chat. That will be sow asome.
Btw happy new year.

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Firstly I’m glad your enjoying the command. But as for the battle system that most likely isn’t really possible. Though I could try and make a separate command that does something like that. However I can’t make any promises.

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Thx. If you can do it it will be a blast, i hope is not sow difficult. If not it’s ok. And again thx a toon

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Its generated thou command catch