How to retrieve Destiny stats through Nightbot

Update: Sep 29, 2017.

Destiny 2 Update!


With this command you will be able to check stats from:

  • Guardian.GG
  • Almost every single PvE/PvP stat in Destiny
  • Info about weeky activities (For example: Xur, Nightfall, Trials)
  • Info about your equiped gear / weapons

The command is a combination of Nightbot,, Guardian.GG API, API, Bungie’s API and some custom code.

How it works:

!destiny < action > < gamertag/psn > < console >

< action >
‘Action’ is the stat you would to display.
Full up to date action list here:

< gamertag/psn >
The username you use on your xbox or playstation.
For example: !destiny kd username xbox

< console >
Available consoles are: xbox/ps.
If your GT/PSN is only used on one of these consoles, you won’t have to enter your console, this will be auto detected.

A few examples:
!destiny (To see the available actions)
!destiny score xgerhard ps (ps = playstation)
!destiny crucibletime xgerhard xbox
!destiny kd xgerhard (No console in the command, the default console will be taken)

Installing is simple, place this line in your chat or add through nightbot backend:

!commands add !destiny -cd=5 $(urlfetch$(user)&channel=$(channel)&format=$(provider)&query=$(querystring)&bot=nightbot&defaultconsole=xbox)

Note: Make sure to change xbox to your personal default console xbox/ps.

If you already have an old !Destiny command added to Nightbot and you want to update this command you can use the following command:

!commands edit !destiny -cd=5 $(urlfetch$(user)&channel=$(channel)&format=$(provider)&query=$(querystring)&bot=nightbot&defaultconsole=xbox)

Note: Make sure to change xbox to your personal default console xbox/ps.

Or use the copy-paste command generator here:

I try to keep this post up to date, to check if there are updates:
!destiny patchnotes

If the command isn’t working, check the status with:
!destiny status
If the Status is “Up and running” but the command isn’t working, please let me know.

If you want to share the command with friends or other streamers run:
!destiny install
This will show a link with the installation guide.

So I heard you like statistics:
!destiny stats

Use the following command to link your Twitch account to your GT/PSN
!destiny setplayer < username > < console >
After this you can use all the commands without typing your GT/PSN, for example:
!destiny trialskd (Which will look up your saved GT/PSN)

Questions or feedback?
Twitch: Xgerhard
Twitter: @Gerhardoh
Discord: Xgerhard#2439


Very awesome of you to make something like this, thanks!

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No problem, I hope it’s useful!

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what if you have a _ in your psn id… i have noticed that doesnt … do you know if there is a work around… I do like this command and I thank you for it

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What is your PSN, I tested some names with _ they work fine here. Maybe because there is a xbox user with the same name? Version 2 is coming soon, that will include an extra parameter for your console, that might fix the problem.

Version 2 will also include all destinytracker stats like KD, KDA, W/L.

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I was trying rc_crispy… 2.0 will be sweet :slight_smile:

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Do you think you could the same with GTA V?

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@chaptermaster12 If there is an online leaderbords, its possible. However I’m not really a GTA player and I’m building these things in my spare time, so I dont think I’ll build these commands for GTA.

The games that I might add in the future are: Halo, BF, CoD, LoL.

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What is the custom API?

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@chaptermaster12 My custom command is in my first post above. But you have to write a script that communicates between nighbot and the game database.
I dont want to share my script source yet, since it’s not finished yet. But basicly you have to find the webpage of the data you want to show, grab that data, filter it, and display it on a webpage. The nightbot customapi can retrieve this data and display it in chat.

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ok thanks I will try to figure it out <3

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@xgerhard do you think you could come and help me with that in a twitch channel?

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Version 2 is added in my startpost, this topic will close in a few hours, so for question, tips, contact me on twitter @gerhardoh or on twitch @xgerhard.

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The topic is reopened. Slight misconfiguration caused topics to close even if active.


Hey thanks … 2.0 works great

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2.0 works great but i didn’t know that if you were on Playstation you have to put ps at the end

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Thanks for the feedback!

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Thanks for the feedback! Yeah I had to add a console to the command since there were people who got a Xbox and Playstation account. The xbox and playstation info is stored seperately so I need to know where I have to grab the information from. If there is no console given, it will choose xbox, my personal choice since I’m a xbox player :slight_smile:

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!Destiny command is used over 6k! Feedback or requests are always welcome. Thanks for using it!

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Version two isnt working it wont display the kda ext

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