Nightbot is not posting links

nightbot is currently not able to post links in commands. the links are being replaced with ***

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it’s almost every week. very annoying.

i didn’t realize this was a thing that happened often. :frowning:

Hi, @unrulyheart, @jyzi_okami and @gonzouk1983,
Please search the forums before posting: Night bot replacing links in my commands with " *** " - #2 by RokettoJanpu

Also go through all the nightbot troubleshooting here: Nightbot Troubleshooting


Good Evening

I have same issue with streamer I mod for and nightbot is modded and was working about an hour a go

Hello @notjoker28

I had look at that link but unsure how it can go from posting links to then doing the *** during a strem with no settings being changed

Looks like it just broke a few hours ago. Either Twitch is filtering the messages or Nightbot is acting up. Seeing it in multiple channels. This is not a simple permissions issue - Nightbot is modded in all the channels and this issue still occurs even when hyperlink moderation is disabled.


through twitch, the moderation was adjusted for many, which is why the links do not work. just check it out and set it to “low”. then it should work. (at least that’s how it went with a friend)

Yep, seeing it here too. Definitely a Twitch issue as other bots and mods are having the same issue. Some mods can post links, others can’t.

As a workaround, you can turn off Block Hyperlinks in your Twitch Moderation settings.

Hope they fix it soon.

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they Tweeted 3hr ago. (Our updated Community Guidelines are live! Same policies, but clearer than ever, with: More context on the “why” behind each policy, More examples, New format with 5 high level categories, Less legal jargon for an easier read)
check this on Twitter ^^

It’s doing it for us as well, even with hyperlink blocking off. I’ve had confirmation from multiple streams.

Thanks @notjoker28 i think its now working again :+1:

Literally stopped working 1 minute after I posted, had it working for two chats, now it doesn’t. :roll_eyes:

i don’t want to make links postable for everyone in my chat so i keep it off but nightbot is a mod so it shouldn’t have that issue anyways

It must be twitch issue as both my bots having same issue with links but I can post links as mod

Hi @unrulyheart, ive got to go to work but
Since the community guidelines update this seems to be happening to every bot right now. It could be a matter of adding those new permission ranks into nightbot.
Its a big issue so it will get seen by the dev soon.

It seems to be a Twitch-wide issue, nothing to do with Nightbot, so NightDev can’t fix it, just gotta wait for Twitch to get their act together.

Yep, should be fixed now, or very soon. I’m seeing links in chat again.

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