Night bot replacing links in my commands with " *** "

I have been fighting this for a bit and its become a real frustration. I hope someone could give some insight on whats going on here

I also have streamelements and utilize obs live. I believe i have been through both nightbot, streamelements and my stream decks looking for issues or conflicts and found nothing.

heres an example " Please take a moment to check out some Escape From Tarkov action with onemousegaming. Give them a follow at *** and check out their amazing content!"

: !filters links

: @OneMouseGaming -> No setting was specified. Current status for links filtering: disabled. Possible settings: enable/disable/limit/message/time/silent/userlevel

thanks you all for your time and effort.


It seems like your Twitch chat is set to block hyperlinks. Here’s how to undo that:

Click here to go to your Twitch chat moderation settings > Chat Options > Block Hyperlinks > Disable

I don’t know Twitch, but it sounds like your bot isn’t a mod.

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