!game responds as undefined

Hi there, I know a little around the commands but every time I try to use !game in my own chat or a chat I moderate it comes back as undefined?

I am trying to change my stream from Just Chatting to Rocket League but it tells me that it is undefined in anyway that I try it i.e !game RocketLeague ; !game Rocket League ; !game Rocket_League ; Am I doing any of that right?

Hey @bandithello0!

Please use the search bar before opening an new topic.

Not to be rude or hateful in anyway, but I did search and hence why I still asked the question…

I would always get “undefined” as a outcome for any type of response no matter what “Game/Genre” I put in.

But next time I stream I will depart nightbot and try it that way.

I typed “game undefined” in the search bar and found the topic I linked as the first result, so…
This was simply a reminder of the rules.

Don’t part and join back Nightbot, that’s not what is written.
That is only useful if you’ve recently updated your Twitch username.

Go to nightbot.tv/dashboard, and log back in, if you’re still logged in, log out first.
For the chats you moderate, it’s the channel owners—streamers—who need to log back in.

After trying, I manage his server inside nightbot as well, even if we both log out and log back in after x time it still shows undefined!!!

I think I’m just going to give up at this point, thanks for trying.

I don’t understand what you mean by “I manage his server inside nightbot as well,” and regardless, I don’t see how it’s relevant here.

Maybe you meant that since you’re one of their Nightbot manager you expect that you logging out from Nightbot’s dashboard will fix the issue on their chat? But that’s not how it works: you logging out from Nightbot’s dashboard will only fix the issue on your channel.

Sometime (even though it shouldn’t require that since it doesn’t make sense) waiting for a couple minutes after logging out and before logging back in helps, if it still doesn’t, I suggest relaunching your browser after logging out.

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