🔴 YouTube's NightBot account suspended / terminated again?

Here we go again!

Looks like the Nightbot account has been suspended / terminated again!!!
Message: This account has been terminated due for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines.

last activity in my log for YT was at Dec 14, 2019 8:53:51 PM

not working too, how often it happends and what we can do ?

Nightbot was banned at around 11:54AM PST on YouTube. We haven’t received any ban notification from them, so we’re not sure why. We have reached out to YouTube contacts we have, but it is the weekend so that may prove unsuccessful until Monday.

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As far as I know it happend one time before and it took some time to get the account back again.

See: Youtube: NightBot down or gone? RIP?

Any news about suspended nightbot?

We are still working with YouTube to get Nightbot unbanned.


Looks like the NightBot YouTube channel is back again!
Unfortunately. NightBot is (for me) still not working at this moment.

Nightbot should be back online as of a few hours ago. We’re continuing to work with YouTube to avoid this issue moving forward.

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Yes. All working fine again.
Funny. YouTube tells everyone once an account has been suspended / terminated it cannot be recovered again.
Nightbot / you guys proves that they are wrong! A terminated account CAN be recovered!

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