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I’m modding for someone, they are still live right now, he is having issues with twitch so he was moving over to YouTube, but the bot isn’t showing up, however it is doing modding things such as timing out, but not giving us the discord commands response for example (which it also registers that they had been said)

Hey @Silver!

The Twitch and YouTube instances of the bots aren’t linked: your Nightbot instance on Twitch is different than the one on YouTube, so you need to import the commands to the new instance of the bot: the YouTube one.

Not quite the issue, we know the bot works on twitch, so we started to recreat it on YouTube, but it wasn’t sending messages in YouTube chat, only twitch (it was running on both as he was live on both each with an instance) running a command on twitch it would notice and respond, but a command on YouTube the bot would read and if needed moderate, but it wouldn’t respond to them

We had transferred about 100 of the commands already, so I know there is some

Please see Nightbot Troubleshooting, if it still doesn’t work let us know the steps you tried and if you’ve noticed anything.

Also, please note that Twitch Affiliate and Partner TOS forbids simultaneous broadcasting:

What do you mean by exclusivity for “Live Twitch Content”?

If the stream is embedded in another website in accordance with our Developer Services Agreement, this still counts as being on “Twitch” and is not a violation of this policy.

The exclusivity clause does not otherwise restrict Affiliates from using other streaming platforms to do live streaming. For instance, an Affiliate is permitted to start a stream on Twitch and, after ending that stream, immediately start a new, separate stream on another platform – assuming the Affiliate is not also using Twitch to broadcast that same content at the same time.

Lastly, it’s worth bearing in mind that Affiliates’ exclusivity obligations impact only live content, not past streamed content or VOD. Affiliates can upload the same VOD to Twitch and other platforms without any exclusivity concerns, with the exception, again, of archiving live content within twenty-four hours after it broadcasts on Twitch. Also, remember that broadcasting prerecorded live content on Twitch is considered real-time streaming of “live content” when it is broadcast for the first time.

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