WoT stats for Nightbot

Hello, I wanted to create a WoT (World of Tanks) stats command for Nightbot.
There was one page where their command worked and the bot responded:
[Player] nickname [Battles] [Win Rate] % [WN8] [Recent Win Rate] % [Recent WN8].
Unfortunately, the link has stopped working and does not show player numbers.
I looked for other options but unfortunately without success. I couldn’t find any other API except WG.
Can someone please give me some advice?
Thank you in advance

Heya Vrana

I am a WoT streamer too !! This is actually on my “To Do” list :slight_smile: I already have one public WoT API that you might like to look at and also another that does not actually run through NB but you are welcome to use if you like.

The NB one is https://community.nightdev.com/t/customapi-countdowns-syncdrops-by-zoeballz/33563 but can be used for other games as well.

The other, that is WoT specific, is https://zoeballz.tv/wot/_Blacklist/blacklist_friendlist_analyser.html . People can use it by just going to that link. I will be adding WN8 to it’s analysis in the next couple of weeks.

What you are talking about is a lot more complicated than you think by only using the WG API, but I just got access to WoTLabs API last week which will make things a LOT easier and quicker. I will probably be working on it in the next week or so.

All the best


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sorry i thought it wasn’t that complicated :frowning:
via WoTLabs.net it just worked. I forgot to mention that.

!commands add !stats $(urlfetch http://wotlabs.net/padderbot/?query=$(querystring))

!stats eu Nickname
But Nightbot replies: [Player] Nickname [Battles] [Win Rate] % [WN8] [Recent Win Rate] % [Recent WN8] - Statistics provided by www.WoTLabs.net
Unfortunately, the statistics numbers stopped showing.
It worked properly like this:

!stats eu Nickname
Nightbot replies: [Player] Nickname [Battles] 8303 [Win Rate] 55.93% [WN8] 1857 [Recent Win Rate] 52.8% [Recent WN8] 1927 - Statistics provided by www.WoTLabs.net

It’s straight from their forum, here’s the address where they offered it back then.

Thx Vrana

AHA !! In that case I can take a good guess WHY it has stopped working. “Never” from WoTLabs recently updated his lookup API. He probably forgot that his own stats API might need updating as well. I will let him know then :slight_smile:

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Hi, that’s great news. If it works, it will be great. Thank you very much in advance. :slight_smile:

Thx Vrana

Hi Zoe, I want to thank you very much for your help. The command now works correctly again. Many thanks once again.

Thx Vrana


No problem :slight_smile: The issue was as I thought !


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