[CustomAPI] Countdowns/Syncdrops by ZoeBallz

Heya folks :slight_smile:

I am releasing my first customapi for general use. It’s for doing countdowns/syncdrops in your stream chat so that viewers can all click to start a game/battle/MMO at the same time, so stream delay does not matter to the viewers :slight_smile:

This is an example.

It has been tested on several streams over the last few weeks. There is a 5 second gap between messages (the minimum time permitted by Nighbot). Total time taken is 20 seconds, giving people time to get ready to hit that “battle/play/go” button :slight_smile:

To use it, simply create a new command (I use !cd for Count Down personally) and copy/paste the following line into the message…

$(urlfetch https://zoeballz.tv/wot/_Nightbot/countdowns/countdown.php)

Customised messages on the countdown (without the “Written by Zoe” message) are available on request by contacting me at Twitch .

This is an example of custom messages…

Let me know if you have any problems. :slight_smile:

Planned in the near future (and currently under test): MULTI STREAM countdowns, so if you are streaming with other streamers, the SAME countdown messages appear on all coordinating streams at the same time :slight_smile:

All the best


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