[CustomAPI] Countdowns/Syncdrops by ZoeBallz

Heya folks :slight_smile:

I am releasing my first customapi for general use. It’s for doing countdowns/syncdrops in your stream chat so that viewers can all click to start a game/battle/MMO at the same time, so stream delay does not matter to the viewers :slight_smile:

This is an example.

It has been tested on several streams over the last few weeks. There is a 5 second gap between messages (the minimum time permitted by Nighbot). Total time taken is 20 seconds, giving people time to get ready to hit that “battle/play/go” button :slight_smile:

To use it, simply create a new command (I use !cd for Count Down personally) and copy/paste the following line into the message…

$(urlfetch https://zoeballz.tv/wot/_Nightbot/countdowns/countdown.php)

Customised messages are available on request by contacting me at Twitch .

This is an example of custom messages…

Let me know if you have any problems. :slight_smile:

Planned in the near future (and currently under test): MULTI STREAM countdowns, so if you are streaming with other streamers, the SAME countdown messages appear on all coordinating streams at the same time :slight_smile:

All the best


EDIT: PLEASE NOTE - This API sends messages to Nightbot at the fastest rate that Nightbot allows. If you type the command a 2nd time, before the first one has finished, it WILL cause errors and some messages will be omitted from your stream’s chat-.


I have removed the part of the sent message which mentioned the API was written by me. Apparently people didn’t like that too much !! SO now the standard message is just generic.

BTW - I can now confirm that the API is working well and is reliable. If you happen to have missing messages or any messages appear in the wrong order, you can blame that on Twitch. :smiley:

fantastic use of the nightbot api… r there any settings for a longer interval or custom format?

WOW - Really sorry for missing your message. I am currently working on the new version which can do the same countdown in multiple streams at once :slight_smile: Custom messages would be after that !

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