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I’m trying to add a weather command for my Twitch channel and wondered if i’ve done something wrong as nothing comes up in chat when I type !weather city name

Hey @ukguy272!

It’s $(query), not $query).

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Thanks, i just amended that but when I type !weather rome (for example) in the chat room on my Twitch channel nothing happens.
Any ideas?
Do I need an API URL somewhere also or should the command in the screenshot be sufficient?

Hi @ukguy272, first make sure the Nightbot isn’t banned in your channel. I mean, Nightbot must have permission to send message in the chat.

In case that doesn’t work. Try this (similar to weather command):

!addcom -cd=5 !weather $(urlfetch$(querystring))


Thanks very much for your reply.
I have added that command but in chat nothing is still happening, though you can see that Nightbot currently isn’t banned and is also a mod on the channel just for good measure…do you have any other suggestions at all? Thanks in advance.

Hi @ukguy272

Well, that’s not it should be done. You just need to type:


in Message.

Incase you are adding command from the Twitch. Then you need to type (on chat).

!addcom -cd=5 !weather $(urlfetch$(querystring))

Also, I think that’s not should be the case. Consider having a look at. Nightbot Troubleshooting


I’m not sure what @Ritik_Ranjan is making you do, it’s a waste of time.

Everything works just fine on my end:

Make sure you’re looking at Live Chat, and not Top Chat. (see Nightbot Troubleshooting)

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