Twitch's API returned an error. Try again later

Streamer parted Nightbot from channel and rejoined, unmodded and remodded, and logged out for over 10 minutes and logged back in and we are still getting “Twitch’s API returned an error. Try again later.”

Yes I know it’s been asked “many, many, many” times in this forum, yes I used the searchbar to look through the previous posts, and yes I clicked the link that we all know Emily is going to direct this post to that was never actually really even solved and just presumed fixed because of no response.

So what to do if none of that works? Nightbot is just simply broken for good then?

Hey @9soulz!

I understand the frustration, but there’s no need to be mad, you seem to channel your frustration into anger towards me only because you saw my answer in most of the topics that weren’t helpful to you, but this is uncalled for. We’ve never talked before, a hello would have been nice.

Simply saying “I tried the Nightbot troubleshooting guide that’s usually recommended, but it didn’t work for me" would have done the same job, and would have been respectful of the time and help we give here.

I often redirect to the Nightbot troubleshooting topic because the people asking for help either haven’t tried anything, or they followed the steps partially, or they fail to mention they already did all the steps.
I can’t guess what their experience was if they don’t tell me anything, I’m not lurking behind their shoulder, I don’t have that kind of power.

And yes, if after I redirected them to the link they don’t answer, I presume it’s solved; they have to manifest themselves if it didn’t help. Once again, I can’t guess if that was useful or not, I can’t see their screen. And it’s not my job to follow up if I don’t receive an answer from them, I’m not their parents, and I have other things to do.
None of us are getting paid, we do this voluntarily on our free time, so have a little bit more respect, please, and thank you.
Besides in many cases — not just when it’s about Nightbot troubleshooting — when we solve issues the topics are closed silently 2 weeks later without an answer because people don’t always think about thanking us, even when that required a lot of work.

Anyway, you made very clear that you’ve tried the Nightbot troubleshooting steps, and some extra ones we usually suggest when it doesn’t work (such as logging out and then logging back in the dashboard), and I thank you for that.

Lately we’ve had a few people with similar issues that couldn’t be fixed with what we usually suggest, and they had to do something a bit more “radical” in order to fix the bot.

What worked so far was having the streamer go to their Twitch connections, disconnect Nightbot, and then log back in the dashboard (they may still be logged in when they go back to the dashboard, so as you know they’ll need to log out first).

And as usual, if that doesn’t fix the issue, please let us know.

I think you take things way too defensively. I simply pointed out unhelpful behavior that didn’t solve anything. Perhaps the people didn’t reply because they didn’t get a notification; I didn’t even see this until now.

Yes, the disconnecting their Twitch Connections work. Something I don’t think was mentioned in any of my searches, but it did work. Perhaps establish “Twitch’s API returned an error. Try again later” with the known solutions in some FAQ and then when someone asks about a solution that’s already been given then link them to an old thread.

Thank you for the help.

Glad it helped!

Yes, that’s because May 14 was the first time (to my knowledge) someone had to go that far, it’s far from being a common occurrence, and a recent one.
You’re the first one who needed that on the forum.

We’ll consider it, thanks for the suggestion.
For now the Nightbot Troubleshooting guide helps most of the time, I think it’s too early to add the new step.

As for the rest, may I invite you to read the guidelines, so you understand my position better.

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