Twitch Staff not being recognized for Owner commands

:wave: Not sure if this is a recent change or not but I noticed that staff accounts are treated as standard users by nightbot now.

Twitch staff seem to have owner User Level on Nightbot commands?

Based on :point_up: I had historically been under the impression that this behavior would not change but haven’t been able to execute any owner-level commands such as !winner, !title or !editcom, with a streamer’s permission.

I looked around but couldn’t find any information or changelog indicating that the behavior should have changed.

Apologies for the confusion. This behavior changed last year, since there are now many Twitch staff working at Twitch and we should not allow unfettered access to so many unknown users. Staff are still able to access chat commands as a moderator or as the owner if added as a manager. If you have further questions, please reach out in the Twitch Slack channel and I’m happy to discuss.

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