Twitch staff seem to have owner User Level on Nightbot commands?

I have a !title command in a custom bot that users can run to name the song we created.

I still wanted to use Nightbot though to change Stream title and I had set !title UserLevel on Nightbot to “owner” so only I could run it and it wouldn’t conflict with the separate !title command that users could run via my custom bot.

This was working fine until we had some Twitch staff watching the show and when they ran the !title command they inadvertently changed the stream title. I disabled !title in Nightbot, and that solved the issue.

Is it intentional behavior for Twitch staff to have Owner UserLevel privileges on a Nightbot command?

Any work around for this? Thanks!

This is intended behavior at present (and has been for years). We give Twitch staff the ability to manage Nightbot on an owner level to resolve any situation that arises without us needing to intervene.

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