Twitch Chat Blocked Links

Hey, new streamer here. I’m trying to create my discord command. I’ve done the integration and am using code here) in my command message but it’s not putting the link it’s replacing it with “***” I have disabled all spam filters and nothing seems to work.

This would indicate that Nightbot is not modded. Please mod Nightbot in your chat in order to fix this: Nightbot Troubleshooting

I modded Nightbot in my Twitch chat and it still didn’t work.

My apologies. Are you experiencing the links being censored in discord or twitch? I believe I may have misunderstood.

Hey @crysti1575!

I just checked, and Nightbot isn’t mod on your channel, nigtbot is however:

Unmod the typo account, use the following command in your chat: /unmod nigtbot
Then to mod Nightbot: /mod Nightbot
Copy/paste the commands to avoid further typos.

Typos are for text what a negative is for math, murderes fixed it.

I got it. Played with my moderation settings.

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