Trials tracker api ? HELP!

there is someone i watch on twitch who has a really cool command. if you put in !trials user/psn,
it give the trials kd for last 10 games. I assume it pulls the info from but i don’t know how to make it. Can anyone help me i think this would be cool to have in my stream. I’d really appreciate it.

Refer to How to retrieve Destiny stats through Nightbot

Thank you , but I’ve viewed this. And the difference is this shows all time KD, the one he has shows last 10 games. Reason I want last 10 games is because everyone can be a scrub for a while before perfecting and their recent games show their true skill.

Your best bet would be to get in contact with the person who runs the API (his contact info is linked in the post linked). We’re not Destiny players, so we don’t quite have the expertise to make this for you.

@texman817 Hello, the command in the linked post includes a trials overview for the last 10 games, you can use this by typing:
"!destiny trialsteam < user > < console >"
Please take a look at the post again, I updated the info with a link to an up to date list with available stats to check.

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