Timers aren't working

My timers have stopped showing up in chat even after both chat lines and time has passed. Im not sure how to fix it cause timers use to work but don’t now for some reason

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Hey @n3rdyz0mbie!

Make sure your timers are enabled.

If that doesn’t help, would you mind sharing screenshots of your timers that aren’t working anymore? Feel free to blur the name and/or message fields.

Ive got 5 enabled currently, all at different tines and different chat lines

Most of the time when people claim that their timers aren’t working (anymore), it’s because they don’t understand properly how they work (this forum is living proof), so allow me to explain in details…

If your timer’s Interval is set to 20 minutes, then that means it’ll trigger at x:00, x:20, and x:40; if it’s set to 10 minutes it’ll trigger at x:00, x:10, x:20, x:30, x:40, and x:50, etc. (x being an hour).

Then, to test if your timer is working or not, within 5 minutes of its trigger time send the amount of messages that correspond to the Chat Lines value you set in your timer.

Meaning if you set your Chat Lines to 2 and the timer’s Interval is set to 20 minutes, there needs to be at least 2 messages sent in your chat between x:15 and x:20, or x:35 and x:40, or x:55 and x:00. If you set your Chat Lines to 5, 5 sent messages are required within that time window.

To test your timers, I recommend sending the required amount of messages before 4 to 1 minutes before the timer’s trigger time, just to make sure Nightbot gets the right amount of messages, even tho’ it always counted properly in my experience. You don’t need to be live to test them if you stream on Twitch.

Hope that gives you a better understanding of how timers work.

If your timers still don’t work, follow the Nightbot Troubleshooting guide, the guide should also include you logging out and back into Nightbot’s dashboard in my opinion; it’s possible the connection between Nightbot and your channel expired; in which case, do your commands still work?

My commands work with no issues, I’ve tested my timers with it still not working. For some reason no matter if it hits the time or chat lines it won’t go off. I tried logging out and back in but still doesn’t work

Have you followed the other steps of the troubleshooting guide?

Yup, still nothing. No clue what it could be

exactly the same issue, timers just not working everything else is fine

In the past its worked fine and i had more timers but for some reason just stopped working

Wild! I don’t know what it could be then, sorry.
I’ll escalate the issue and make sure the dev sees this topic.

Thank you for the help, anything helps and i appreciate it

I just want to inform, that i have same issue with nightbot timers to my YT channel.

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