The role VIP/Moderator from Twitch is not syncing to discord

HI world :slight_smile:

I tried to sync the Twitch roles “VIP” and “Moderator” for Twitch Users to the discord server.

  • my test user was added as VIP in on the Twitch-Channel by /vip myfancytestuser
  • the testuser discord account was linked with the twitch user
  • the testuser is active on discord and on twitch
  • we are now waiting over 60 minutes
  • the nightbot group role has the following rights:
    • view channels
    • manage roles
    • kick members
    • ban members
    • send messages
    • embedded links
    • manage messages
    • also for testing Administrator

Where is my misstake? I can’t see the forest because of a lot of trees :frowning:

Please help me to get this feature working!

Hey @sofazeiten!

Nightbot only syncs your moderators and regulars, not the VIPs.

Syncing VIP’s is an option in the Nightbot Discord integration menu. It should work, although it’s not for my Discord server either.

Hey @innatum!

In case you have trouble reading, I’ve highlighted the parts that are relevant:

If you’re wondering why you can specify the Twitch VIP Role and the Subscriber Role, it’s for commands’ userlevel.

Thanks for your detailed response, Emily.

I still believe it’s supposed to work. There are several old threads with Night (Nightbot developer) saying that it should, and others have had success as well. This forum won’t let me post the URL of the thread because I’m a new user. Google this to find one of them: [Nightbot not syncing twitch/discord mod and vip roles - Nightbot - NightDev Community Forums]

Today I got it to successfully sync a Twitch VIP with my Discord roles - but only one VIP was synced. Very weird.

I’ll link it for you: Nightbot not syncing twitch/discord mod and vip roles

It does sync VIP roles, but it only syncs users which

  • type in chat
  • have their Twitch account linked to Discord

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