Nightbot not syncing twitch/discord mod and vip roles

Hey guys, I’m having a problem where nightbot is not syncing Twitch mod/vips over to discord properly. I setup nightbot to sync roles on Monday Feb 11’th, and it didn’t sync roles until today (Sunday Feb 17’th). It did not sync everyone either, it skipped over giving mod to quite a few members that have discord and twitch linked, and it didn’t sync any VIPs over.

It syncs every 15 minutes, and only if your server is active. If an error occurs it will cancel that sync and retry again during the next sync time. Make sure your VIP role is below Nightbot’s.

Nightbot role is 3’rd highest on the server, with Moderator, VIP, and Regulars roles below it. roles
Nightbot seems to be syncing regulars fine, just not twitch roles. I tried adding someone to the regulars list and it sync’d their role 4 minutes later. I removed them and added another member, and after 14 minutes it sync’d that change over as well.

The server is decently active, over 1k messages per day.

What is your Twitch username?

My twitch username is fiveofeight, and it’s syncing the roles for twitch username comedyrussell to his discord server.

If you allow me, I want to use the topic to inform that I have the same problem.

Any update on this? The bot is still not syncing vip/moderators (except for one time that it sync’d some of the mods), and only syncing nightbot regulars.

Edit, looks like it just started syncing again. A bunch of moderators and a vip got sync’d last night, and I unmodded someone on discord to test, and a few minutes later nightbot re-added their mod role.

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