The command !songs is not working

Hello all, I am a new streamer and recently got nightbot to help with some things, but when i tried to add music to the auto dj it would not add. I tried all the !songs commands and none would work but did register in the logs, and i did manage to get all other default commands to works and even some custom one. I should mention that it is enabled and i tried changing playlists but nothing. so basically help please, thank you

Hey @sadmousebadmouse!

Can you share screenshots of your settings, please?
Also, make sure you don’t have a !songs or !sr command in your custom commands.

Hello Emily,
i have attached what i believe are the most relevant but if i am missing something just let me know and in will get it for you, update: since i am now this will be over multiple posts to this thread. here is the first.

the second

the third

the fourth

the fifth

the sixth

and the last one

also please forgive the tabs

Hmm, okay, this is odd, it should work properly, perhaps the songs people are requesting aren’t in the Twitch Music Library… That’s the only thing I can think of that might be an issue at this point.

So to get this right the requests have to be in the playlist first before you can request them? you can’t request unplaylisted music?

sorry for the double post, so i can now request songs through nightbot but not through chat on twitch, but this seems to be just on the !songs command

Yes, I think that might be the issue when requesting from the chat, I’m not 100% sure as I haven’t used the AutoDJ feature before, but that’s how I understand the documentation.

Okay, so for my understanding people in chat should be able to request songs, or is it that only i am able to request songs through nightbot itself?

People can request songs depending on the set userlevel. On the AutoDJ page, under settings you should see the userlevel; set it to everyone. Then ensure !songs is usable by enabling !songs under default commands.

That is what i thought, and if you look at the pictures i sent of my user settings (i assume they are available to view) they should have the correct settings applied, but a third set of eyes are always welcome.
note: none of the !songs commands still work as of this post

Have you tried !sr YouTube_URL?
Also, if you write !songs request make sure to spell songs with an s.

yup, i have tried both forms of the command and even custom commands linking to the base commands and none of them work still

Oh, I think I found the issue, I didn’t notice it at the time, but check if unchecking the box here helps:

awesome! that helps with the whole playlist issue, now only if night bot would listen to songs requests. but i will take a small victory