Sub Emotes not working

I moderate a channel for a streamer who is a Twitch affiliate and he recently got some emotes.

When I try to use the emotes with Nightbot, the emotes are just typed out. Nightbot was gifted a tier 1 sub and the emotes are tier 1 sub emotes. (He has contacted Twitch about whitelisting Nightbot.)

Other channel’s (like DrLupo’s) emotes work with Nightbot, but not his. Any suggestions?

Hey @bernsuave!

The emotes should be displayed correctly, is the issue still happening?

And I’m not sure why the streamer would contact Twitch about whitelisting Nightbot?

It is still happening. He got his emotes a few days ago and it’s still spelling them out.

He contacted Twitch about whitelisting Nightbot on his channel so he doesn’t have to gift it a tier 3 sub every month.

That’s odd the emotes aren’t displayed correctly, I remember someone having the same issue once, let me look into my activity logs to see if I find what was the solution at that time. I’ll get back to you ASAP.

And that’s what we call a Lifetime Subscription, I wasn’t sure that’s what you meant. It’s only opened to Partners though, so if he’s an Affiliate it won’t work. Also, if you were about to give Nightbot a Lifetime Subscription, you’d need to let the sub run out before doing so, as Twitch can’t give the Lifetime Subscription if the user is already a Subscriber.

There you go:

So I guess make sure the subscription tier is correct, I know you said it was, but it doesn’t hurt to check, otherwise you’ll have to contact Twitch about it, the error isn’t on Nightbot’s side.

If you want me to check before asking Twitch about the issue, feel free to give me the name of the channel as well as the faulty command.

The channel is KostlyMistakes and the commands that you could check are !test and !hype.

I’m guessing that I’m going to have to contact Twitch directly. Thanks for the help!

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