Nightbot is showing my custom twitch emotes as text

nightbot is showing my custom twitch emotes as text, I gifted a sub to nightbot but it still didn’t help

I personally don’t have the answer, but here’s a screenshot that might give hints to what could be wrong:


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Emote parsing is performed by Twitch, so if emotes are not showing then either the emote code is incorrect, Nightbot doesn’t have access to the emote, or there’s some internal Twitch bug causing emotes not to render. If this issue still persists, post your channel name and the emote you’re attempting to use and I’ll see if I can investigate this further.

My channel name is ‘Xtorte’ and the emote code is xtorte1Aimtrash. I appreciated any help or insight your able to provide.

Nightbot was gifted a Tier 1 sub, but it needs a Tier 3 sub.

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LMAO I feel stupid for missing that!

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