Some of the BTTV emotes dont appear to me

As you can see in the image, some of the emotes works and others dont, like GIGACHAD, OMEGADANCE, Stare, etc.


Anyone know how to solve this problem?

I have already re-installed BTTV, cleared cache and cookies, tried another browser and tried re-toggling the emotes settings

Hey @kurzix1!

I suspect these emotes aren’t on BetterTTV for that channel, I suggest you reach out to them to ask what extension they’re using for emotes.

Same is happening to me. My personal emotes are no longer showing on any twitch channel. And no, the twitch channel does not need to have the emotes, as they are my personal ones. Talked to mods and the channel owner and they haven’t done anything.

Hey @bismarcksd!

Then it’s not the same issue.
Have you checked your subscription status? Are you still subscribed?

that was the first thing I checked.

I can confirm, have the same problem for a few days now, my personal emotes are no longer showing. If I select them there is a blank space (not loading image).
Have tried the usual cache things, then stumbled upon this thread, so I am not alone. My subscription is also still active.

@bismarcksd would you be so kind and move to the following topic as it properly relates to your issue:

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The emotes appear on the stream chat so im pretty sure they have them enabled, but i tried using Chatterino to see if it works and still i cant see just some of the emotes

There are other extensions that offer extra emotes on Twitch, I think this must be the case here, that’s why you can’t see them, because they rely on another service, that’s why I suggested you talk with the other people to know which extension they’re using.

You can check the channel’s BetterTTV emotes at:

The emotes you can’t see shouldn’t be on the list, if they are then it’s a bug, but until you’ve checked we can’t tell if it’s an issue or not.

Just checked and the channel dont have the emotes on the list, so yeah it can be another extension, thanks

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