BTTV Pro Personal Emotes Not Showing/Working

I cleared my cookies/cache in Firefox the other day and since then my BTTV personal emotes have not been working most of the time. Occasionally 1 or 2 will work in a channel, but generally none of them work.

I’ve gone through my FFZ and BTTV settings and believe I have them to what they were before, or at least close. I also was not able to see any errors when opening the CTRL + Shift + K debug menu.

This is what it looks like when I try to search/use a personal emote. Typically it’s just the black box which then turns into a blank space when I send the message.


Same problem here. Already reinstalled the addon, still persists.

Can confirm, broken on my end too.

Hey @aneffinwookie, @skyzzmylimit and @Xoanon!

Thanks for reporting the issue, a couple others have done the same so we’re well aware of it.

We’re looking into it, but so far we can’t reproduce the bug, so it can’t be fixed.
Anything that you think can be useful to help us reproduce the issue is appreciated.

So far our best guess is that it’s related to Twitch doing some tests on your accounts.

Sorry for the trouble, hopefully it can be fixed soon.

If one of you could open an issue on the GitHub that’d be lovely, it’ll help us track it.
Once you’ve done so, please share the link here as well, so folks on the forum can check it as well.

Uhh, it seems I can’t include links in my reply, but I opened the issue over on Github. It’s #5400.

Just copy/pasted this topic and added some version info.

Thanks for opening that issue on GitHub, I am not familiar with that.

On other channels I just see the names with missing image. Twitch seems to have trouble getting them

(i have to make two posts due to restrictions here)


If i chose a personal emote then it inserts an empty image, if I hover it says (for me in german, sorry) that “an error has occured getting the image, try again later”.

Not sure if I can provide more, but if you have specific questions I will try. Nothing really changed here, it just has stopped from one day to the other :frowning:

Hey @aneffinwookie!

Thanks a lot, appreciate it!

Just to keep you updated: the root of the issue was determined and it seems to be 7TV, it should be fixed soon, likely in the next update.

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