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Snarky Horoscope

So this is my first attempt at a custom command for Nightbot.

I’m working on a version 2, but I am no coder so it may be awhile.

Create a command called “!Horoscope”… or whatever…and put this in:
$(urlfetch )

To get a “reading”, your viewers type !Horoscope then their sign… like !Horoscope aries

There are a handful of responses, and the responses are sign specific… meaning a “reading” for Leo won’t show up for any other sign, for example.

Currently I have preloaded responses and a lot of times they will repeat…I don’t know how to fix that even though I use a randomize bit of code.

Some of these are really offensive or 18+ responses so if that’s not your thing, it’s best not to use it.

Hey @jumonjii!

You need to send data to the API, it can’t read what comes after the command if you don’t tell it to send it through.
In our case here, I think $(1) will be more than enough to do the job.


Please read the documentation.

I don’t know why that number is in there. Apparently it was automatically added by the forum.

It links to the site where the script is, but it’s not suppose to be in the command.