Fortune cookie & horoscope command

I need the fortune cookies command and the horoscope command please

Hey @kabjsagustin!

Regarding the fortune cookie, you can modify the 8ball command given as an example in the documentation with sentences you’d want Nightbot to respond with, or if you reach the character limit, here’s an example how to use Pastebin for such command:

Regarding the horoscope, here’s an API that does this, however, it’s not a friendly one, so if that’s not what you’re looking for, you’ll need to find another API, we won’t do that job for you:

Please note that you could have found both of the solutions I linked by typing for “fortune cookie” and “horoscope” in the forums’ search bar, please use it before opening a new topic, this will create less clutter, and you’ll get your answers much faster, we too often get questions that already have been solved, sometimes many times over.

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