Setting up an IQ commands

So, im setting up a IQ commands, its supposed to be " (User), you have (number) , (comment)"
$(touser) , you have $(eval x = Math.floor((Math.random() * 260) + -10); $(urlfetch json

The respond from nightbot is " (User), you have (comment)"
how do i pop up the number from the first $(eval) to the nightbot respond, if i add another $(eval) it will pop up but it not related "(user) you have 0 IQ, wow you have very high IQ:

Hey @Lucille!

Your Pastebin is dead so I won’t be able to help you with it, so it’s gonna be a general example.
But the way to do this is to use a single $(eval):

$(eval r=Math.floor(Math.random()*260)-10; o='$(urlfetch json'.split('#'); i=0; if(r>50){i=1} if(r>100){i=2} if(r>150){i=3} if(r>200){i=4} `$(user), you have ${r} IQ. ${o[i]}`)

And your Pastebin must look like that:


If you used the search bar with iq command as the query you would have found the following topic that would have answered your question:

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