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Re-instate /clear command?

I’ve been working on some scripts to try and combat hate raids on Twitch, as part of the scripts is the option to use the /clear command to clear out old chat messages including the hateful messages, while also putting the chat in subscriber or follower only mode.

However, BetterTTV prevents this happening for the user. I found an older thread that talked about this.

Given the rise of hate raids on Twitch, is this something that could be revisited? Perhaps an optional feature for the user?


To my knowledge timing out users removes the chat message for Twitch users. This in combination of Twitch Auto Moderator, delay chat, moderator view and follower mode should be enough to combat this.

Just to give you more background on what the script is doing.

  • It’s initiated from a Streamdeck button press and operate in batch mode
  • It takes all of the pre-configured overlays in OBS and swap their URLs for invalid ones to disable the flood of follow alerts that the bots create and queue up
  • It logs into Twitch chat as the streamer and enables either Subscriber only or Follower only mode, depending on the user’s preferences
  • As optional actions when logged into chat, it can enable Emote only mode, play an Advert and clear chat.
  • It then logs out of twitch chat and exits the script

The configuration options are meant to allow the user to have their chat as free as they like in normal operation, but should a hate raid occur, they can quickly enable the features they prefer to keep their chat safe.

Because this is a reactionary tool, there’s the chance that hateful messages could slip through as the user processes what is happening. /clear provides a quick method to get rid of those messages that slip through the cracks, even if it is a “nuke from orbit” option.

Working in batch mode like this means that there is no history of users to be able to determine who are the new bot users to time out, and I don’t want to time out all the users if I can help it.

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