Error When Trying to Clear Chat

Hey there,

So I am trying to do /clear in my chat, but it is constantly being prevented by BTTV. I know that it blocks moderators from using this command, but I am the broadcaster and it is still being blocked.

Any suggestions on how to fix this?


The /clear command is a twitch command feature that the broadcaster and mods can use and has nothing to do with BetterTTV. When clear is used it clears the entire chat of it’s contents. Because of this, BetterTTV will not clear the chat on your end when the /clear is used. Hence the Chat was cleared by a moderator (Prevented by BetterTTV) message. It was cleared for all users without BetterTTV however the BetterTTV feature prevents the clear from happening.

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Thanks for the info! That makes sense.

Is there a way to clear chat for all users, including those with BTTV?

Thanks again!

No there isn’t. The clear function is very misleading as it doesn’t really clear anything from anywhere, for external IRC programs that don’t handle this. Generally using /clear isn’t worth it and is just annoying.

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Okay, thanks for the info! I appreciate it!

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