Random Viewer in chat

I am trying to add a command that adds random viewers into the command. I’ve done the search in here but all the url’s are no longer worker. Any help is appreciated.

Hey @ladystar11!

Unfortunately Twitch deprecated the endpoint that was used to get the viewers list of a channel, which was then used to fetch a random viewer of that channel. They created another endpoint for that data, but they made it accessible behind an authentication wall, meaning you need to log in with your Twitch account to access that data now.

Someone needs to create an API that would allow people who aren’t familiar with programming to get access to that data easily, it’d require people to log in with their Twitch accounts tho’. I’m not aware of such API yet.

Just added this to my API :slight_smile: Can see my post about how to use it here: New Random Viewer API - Nightbot - NightDev Community Forums

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Haha, nice! I was hoping you’d see my answer and add it to your tools.
I unfortunately don’t have time to make it myself, so I’m happy you did!

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