New Random Viewer API

Due to some recent changes from Twitch, it is now required that either a streamer or a moderator is logged into an application in order to get chatter information (who is in your chatters list).

You will need to go to to login, this page will also have some details about the command which I will also explain here in the post:

The most basic command you can create is the following (Streamer must be the logged in):


If you are a moderator and want to add the command you would need to use the following command:


Note that <id> will need to be replaced by your Twitch userId which can be found on the page when you login.

If you would like to list multiple chatters you can add a count parameter, the following would list up to 5 random chatters:


Note that all of the commands only respond with the user’s names so a more full example might be:

@$(user) slaps @$(urlfetch$(channel))

The code is also open-sourced if you wish to see how it works you can find it here: garretcharp/ (

If you get an error from nightbot saying “Error Connecting To Remote Server” this is an issue with nightbot normally retrying the command will eventually work.


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