Queue system help

I have implemented this system Queue command nightbot
(with the slight change of !joinqueue userlevel being sub only)

I did this for a person im a mod for, so I haven’t been able to test under a live environment but with me doing it in chat it does appear to work, however they want in the !joinqueue to have after list a warning that if you missed your turn you will be skipped so like:
“1. user 2. user 3. user IMPORTANT: if you aren’t here when its your turn you’ll need to re-enter” "

My Issue is I cant seem to figure out how, as changing anyhing in the joinqueue command appears to break the entire system, so if someone could point me to what/where I would add that string it would mean alot

I appologise if this isnt doable or is obvious, first time doing anything this complex

You would just append that text onto the end of the command response that you want it to appear on.

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Yeah thanks, I actually did the example wrong in the post.

I was trying to do it on joinqueue but on example put it on viewqueue

a proper example would have been “user was added to the viewer game queue. IMPORTANT if you aren’t here when its your turn you’ll need to re-enter”

I have got it working on end of viewqueue like the example on the post, however joinqueue is what was requested by the streamer, but if I put it on the end of that and do !joinqueue it always says the user is already on the gamw queue. With it on the end of each response of !joinqueue it seems to break the entire thing too, popqueue says queue is empty when it isnt, viewqueue says its empty yet joinqueue says already on list and doesnt add you etc, which is what I was trying to ask, if anyone knew why putting it on joinqueue broke but guess I was tried when I wrote it sorry haha.

if it isnt possible to have it on joinqueue then viewqueue will need to do, and thanks for help :smiley:

@night Nevermind, for some strange reason id did not work for me offline, but worked when person was online, no bloody idea why but it works so Ill take it haha, thanks for help <3

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