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Hi, I really like better twitch tv for twitch, sorry if the abbreviation stands for something else. I had to remove the addon when it started to request permissions for other Website like Youtube, as I am currently not interested in using it anywhere else but twitch.
Is there a twitch specific version of bttv or, now that I would have to reinstall it to use it, a way to install it without giving it any other permissions?

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You can customize the BetterTTV’s site access using the browsers extensions setting. If your on Chrome you can visit chrome://extensions/.


Unchecking automatically allow will remove YouTube.

Thank you! I found where do deactivate it. Though I didn’t have to, as the first things after reinstalling was that popup tab of BTTV asking for permission, lacking the opt out button. So I just closed the tab and it is not in my list of sites allowed.

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Okay, but how do you add permissions if you said no the first time?

Clicking “Automatically allow access” should restore access. If it doesn’t the extension will reprompt users on a extension reinstall.

Okay, but where do I do that?

Hey @Insayno_YouTube!

Go to your extensions, click on BetterTTV, and from there you can manage the Site access.

Then I suggest doing what Aaron suggested: reinstalling the extension.

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