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BetterTTV Popup asking to "Upgrade" Browser permissions

Understandable, thanks so much for the reply!

I also assume firefox will have a different update cycle than chrome?

Firefox and Edge extension updates are still pending review on their extension stores. I would expect Firefox to be approved in the next couple days. Edge may be later this week, however.


I closed the popup at first, is there another way to enable those permissions?

Is it possible to also add popular twitch emotes like LUL or BatChest WutFace DansGame etc?

You could try visiting the permissions page directly.


To my knowledge Twitch/Amazon owns exclusive rights to those global emotes, so without their permission I am doubtful we would be able to.


the youtube stuff doesn’t work for me on Edge (which runs on chromium), but it works fine on Twitch. is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? I got that permission popup and agreed.

Ever since this update I’ve been having an issue with strange phrases/words being inserted in random youtube comments. Is this a bug of some sort?

A forced tab feels like the sketchiest way to go about this. Not to mention the popup lags my browser for some reason. Was quite the rude thing to have happen mid-stream. And then again tonight even after I closed it.

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I agree with @avictimofgaming
This is a good way to get people to uninstall this extension. I’d recommended a notification of some sort that comes from the extension rather than opening a new tab if that’s possible. Even something that shows up from a BTTV when you go to twitch. Just some ideas cause not a lot of people are ok with extensions or programs opening tabs without them knowing it.


As I don’t use youtube live chat, is there a way I may permanently decline the permissions upgrade?


Agreed, forced tab, with no way to DECLINE even is horrible. I just closed it at first as I have no interest in Youtube chat whatsoever, only to have it pop up again today. There needs to be a “No I don’t need this thanks.” somewhere.


Hey @Kevboard_Arts!

Please read the entire topic before asking a question that’s already been answered:


Hey @avictimofgaming, @nanamonster, and @pokerific!

Sorry you don’t like the popup, but this is standard procedure, you wouldn’t like it being enforced discretely in the background without you knowing about it, it’s a new feature, you have to be aware of it, otherwise this could be considered a breach of privacy, that way NightDev is protected from lawsuits and can still offer you its services.

You gave the extension the permission to open new tabs when you installed it the first time.

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Hey @cte!

Can you give more details? Perhaps share a screenshot of the issue?

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Hey @cerril07!

Yes, please see: Permissions Youtube - #2 by Aaron128l.

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Ah, I seemed to have glossed over that then.

I still think there could be better way’s to ask people or notify people of permission updates that need/should be accepted (like the option to say no should be there). The opening and switching to the new tab is still an obnoxious design but that’s just my opinion on the matter and others seem to share this gripe.

Another option is to make a new extension, since this is for youtube and not twitch.

The latest update quiets the alert down to new installs only and adds a new YouTube setting option.