Other Users Can't Make Song Request

Hey there!

I, as the mod, am able to make song requests in my Youtube live stream, but other users can’t. All of the commands are set to “Everyone”.

Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?


Do one of these 2 comments help?

  1. Song requests not working despite everyone setting on - #2 by night

  2. Nightbot song request commands only work for me despite the user level being set to everyone - #2 by RokettoJanpu

Hey there!

Unfortunately, those links don’t help. The user level is set to “Everyone” and requests are enabled on the AutoDJ page. Still not working.

Any help is appreciated!


Hey @kmarler19!

I assume you’re only talking about the !songs default command.

Checking if song requests are enabled isn’t the only thing to do on the song requests page, as mentioned in the second topic you were linked to, please make sure your general settings’ userlevel of song requests is set to Everyone too.

Both the !songs command and the song requests/AutoDJ must be enabled and their userlevel set to Everyone.

Hey Emily!

The !songs command and the general settings are both set to “Everyone” per your screenshot. Still not working.

Thanks for your efforts though

Do you mind taking screenshots of your default !songs command as well as your AutoDJ settings? Maybe there’s something we didn’t think about that will jump to our eyes.


Thank you!

Hmm, I see nothing that jumps to my eyes, but I’ve thought of something else that could be an issue: the song request settings’ limits, here’s how mine are set up:

Also, I thought I asked you, but clearly I’ve forgotten to: do the other users receive an error message when they try to use the command, or does it just ignore them? And are you using one of the default command, or have you made a default command to request songs?

Hey Emily,

My song request settings’ limits look just like yours.

I’ve set up a custom command for song requests as seen in the screen shot below.

The custom song request command works when I, as the moderator, use it in the chat, but it doesn’t work for other chat users. If the other users are chatting without using the custom command I can see their chat (For example, if they just say “hello” in the chat it’ll pop up). It’s only when they try to use the custom command that their message doesn’t even show up in the chat.

That’s really odd, there could be an automod thing that perhaps remove messages that only contain symbols? And therefore Nightbot wouldn’t be able to see the messages, since those would get deleted before it could see them. And since you’re a mod you bypass that automod. It’s just an hypothesis, I can’t say I’m confident it’s the case.

Anyway, the reason why I wanted to know if you were using a custom command was because often people create a custom !sr command to alias !songs request, except that it already exists by default!
So have your chatters try to use !sr instead of your custom command and see if it works.

Hey Emily!

!sr command didn’t work. :o(

I removed my custom command completely and tried the standard !songs request command and that didn’t work either; however commands like !songs list do work as seen in the photo below from one of my live streaming chat sessions.

Any other ideas?

Screen Shot 2022-07-18 at 11.42.57 AM

This is really odd.
Alright, let’s try the “nuclear” option, the streamer will need to go to their Connected apps settings, find Nightbot there, and disconnect it, then log into the dashboard once more, if they’re still logged in when they click on the second link/go to the dashboard, they’ll need to log out first, they should get an authorization panel asking for some permissions.

Hey Emily.

Night bot isn’t an option to connect to in my Youtube connected apps as seen below; however, it is listed as a moderator. Any ideas?

Are you the streamer?
I was under the impression you were a moderator:

Because the guide I gave is for the streamer:

I am the moderator. Sorry for any confusion on my end. By “streamer” you mean the people who are hopping on my live stream have to disconnect Nightbot?

She means the person hosting the live stream, the broadcaster :slight_smile:

Oh okay, I was using moderator and the broadcaster to mean the same thing. I’m the person initiating the live stream.

Yeah, then you’re the broadcaster/streamer, not a moderator.

I’m sorry tho’, I might have sent you a wrong path, I wasn’t sure where Nightbot would be, I assumed it’d be where I pointed you, but I’ve looked it up and it appears to be somewhere else, here’s how to get to it:

  • on YouTube click on your channel’s profile picture on the top right
  • click on manage your Google account, it’ll open a new tab
  • then on the left you have a menu, go to Security
  • search for your Linked Accounts, Nightbot should be there