Nightbot won't leave, a stalker i tell you!

It has been two to three days or so since I told nightbot to leave my channel and one day since i deleted my account (by typing in the “i am sure i want to disable my account blah blah”). nightbot is still there in the twitch viewer list, chatty, and ankhbot.

EDIT: I should note I did start with telling it to leave channel via the web, then via chat commands, then i unmodded and banned it, then i deleted my account (though i had to remake it to post this).

Simply enter !nightbot part to force Nightbot to leave your channel.

Ah so that was you in the stream last night haha, thank you for looking into this so quick. I entered the “!nightbot part” command a few hours ago but everytime I start my stream (just now as a test for instance) nighbot just pops right back in. Now last night during the stream I did notice where it left for a minute or two then popped back in while you were in there Aaron, I don’t know if that was you hitting it on the head, a twitch user glitch or a chatty / ankhbot glitch.

Nightbot isn’t logging your chat (or has been) since it was parted, meaning he’s not in your channel. While this isn’t the first time this has happened, it usually cleared itself up over a few days. Similar Post

Aight, ill give it a few more days, thank you again for looking into it! :grin:

Short update: Still there. Viewers see it too.

I’ve resolved your issue and he is no longer in your chat, apologies for the inconvenience.

Thanks buddy! That got it! Have a good day / week. :slight_smile:

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