Nightbot keeps rejoining my channel

I told night it to part my channel, I deauthorized through twitch, and a few hours or sometimes a day later nightbot rejoins my channel I have been dealing with this for over a week now and nightbot will not stay gone.

If Nightbot is in your chat, use the command !nightbot part to get him to leave.

That’s not the issue. The issue is nightbot keeps coming back a couple of hours after he leaves when I don’t tell him to. I shouldn’t have to stop what I am doing to type !nightbot part into my chat every couple of hours because the bot refuses to stay out of my channel.

Is nightbot responding to commands I’m such an instance where he is there? If he is not responding to commands he is not actually in the channel.

Nightbot does not respond to commands, but I get a parted channel message through chatty when it leaves and then a day or more later get a joined message. As someone who works in the IT field I have a hard time accepting that it is a false report from twitch servers that ONLY happens with nightbot and none of my other viewers saying that nightbot returned to my room when it really didn’t. If it was a few hours even I would ok sure, but having nightbot return to my chat days later? No, something is up there and it’s. it delayed or false twitch chat reporting

If Nightbot is not responding then it’s safe enough to say it’s not in your chat.

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