Nightbot Troubleshooting

So for the command !winner it will pick winner but then it will say so an so isnt following the channel when they are.

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Hey @jluvisi054!

Please follow updates here:

Lol. That topic was closed without any resolution or anyone answering. There are no updates…

For now, the dev is busy, he’ll answer when he can.
Keep in mind this is a service you’re not paying for, it’s free, please be patient.

Do y’all update Nightbot? I’ve been told to use stream elements as a bot. Because it comes with way more stuff.

Hey Emily. I’m patient, since I asked about this issue 40 days ago and it was closed without resolution. I’m simply pointing out that you posted a closed topic to follow for updates.

Now if the dev re-opens topics and answers then my apologies.

It seems like an issue a lot of people have with Nightbot and are switching to other bots.

Yeah, I understand it’s taking a long time and it may be frustrating.

When I linked it wasn’t closed, but it was just a few hours away from it, and I didn’t notice.
But it’s not that big of an issue, as the moderation team can re-open topics if needed.

I’ll poke the dev one more time about this tho’.

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