Nightbot returning "Empty viewer list"

Hi, recently I found a problem in a channel I moderate. The streamer needed to stream from a different computer, so when she returned to her home-base computer, for security reasons she closed all active sessions on her Twitch account and logged in again.
But now Nightbot is acting weird. At first it didn’t respond with the current amount of subs on the channel, so she did re loggin to her nighbot account, parted and rejoined the channel and that solved it.
But now when we use any command using $(urlfetch$(channel)) the bot responds with a “Empty viewer list”, every time.

Any ideas on what could it be?

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Hiya, yes I know what it could be. That’s a script I made a looong time ago, it uses an old Twitch API endpoint, which is going to be removed soon: Legacy Chatters endpoint shutdown details and timeline - April 2023 - Announcements - Twitch Developer Forums

The new, updated endpoint requires authentication from the broadcaster or mod of the channel. I’m not sure yet if or how I will update this script. So it will stop working completely soon, until I update it, or maybe someone else in the community will build a new updated version of this custom API.
I’ll update the ‘empty viewer list’ error message soon.
For now there is no fix for this, sorry!


Hi xgerhard, thanks for taking the time to reply. Sorry to hear that cause it was a great help for us as mods in twitch to make fun commands and help build friendly communities. I hope you find the time soon to update to the new version.

Hello! Most commands in a channel I mod for are now obsolete and out of order, which API endpoint should I use now to recreate these commands that fetch a user list and randomly selects a viewer?

I have not seen an updated API for this yet.


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