Nightbot response based on RNG

Someone I mod for has a command that returns an RNG % out of 100, and would like the second half of the message nightbot returns to be as a result of what number the RNG provides.

I don’t really understand code too much, is it possible to do this in nightbot?

Hey @jansod95!

I don’t really understand what you’re looking for exactly, your description is very unclear.

But using the search bar, as you’re asked to in the forum rules, should land you close to what you want.
For example:

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I did try searching but I didn’t use the right terms to find this thread, thank you.

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Fair enough, would you mind telling me which terms you used? I might update the topic so it’s easier to find by other people.

I personally used “different output” and stumbled upon an older topic I answered to with a link to the topic I shared with you.

I tried a few searches, RNG conditional response, get response from rng value, react to RNG figure and react to RNG results were some of the ones I tried I probably should have thought of “percentage” as a key term, having seen the thread you shared.

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