Nightbot not working when offstream and sometimes on (Always was working)


Since some time i got a problem with Nightbot, especially when i got stream off and i type any command it just doesn’t work, if i go at nighbot website i see that i got this blue button to ,join channel" or something instead this red one that means that nighbot is connected. If i press this and i type command and nightbot works offline as well but why it’s happening like this? I never had problem with that and nightbot commands were always working for me when i was offline. Time to time it also happens when im live and nightbot doesn’t work so i need to go to the nighbot website and join channel again cuz its disconnected somehow. I had nickname change on Twitch in 2021 but i don’t think it should be a problem bcs it was working after my nickname change and nightbot randomly started leaving my channel since some time ago.

Hey @raen!

Have a look here: Nightbot Troubleshooting

If you keep having your instance of Nightbot part your channel and you need to make it join again, and it’s not you, then it’s likely you have a rogue manager that does it, check your list of managers.

I don’t have any manager added to Nightbot, idk how but somehow seems like he was ignored on my channel and after typing uningoring command hes still on channel even when im offline and works so problem solved.

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